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Cougar Cares Staff Ideas and Concerns

The Staff Advisory Committee (SAC) was created to give a voice in matters that are important and relevant to our staff. We have several ways that you can establish contact with us to express your ideas and concerns.

Cougar Cares Boxes:

Cougar Cares boxes are located in the Physical Plant and in the campus Grounds common areas. Staff in those areas can use the prompts and materials at those boxes to send information forward through campus mail.

In-person Contact:

Submit any idea and suggested solution or express your concerns directly to one of our members of the Communications and Concerns Subcommittee. You can also find your area representative and report your concern.

Cougar Cares Suggestion Form at the bottom of this page:

Use this form to:

  • submit ideas
  • make suggestions or recommendations
  • express a concern (Please suggest a solution whenever you can.)
  • bring a matter of importance to the attention of the President and the Executive Team

You may choose to submit your concern anonymously. However, please remember that SAC will not be able to respond to you without your contact information.

Note: SAC is not a grievance committee. If you wish to file a grievance, please contact the appropriate office. Below are Offices you may wish to contact:

  • To express a personnel or job-based grievance, please contact the Office of Human Resources at 843-953-5512.
  • To report any grievances or concerns related to harassment or discrimination, please contact the Office of Equal Opportunity Programs at 843-953-5758.
  • To express any work space or building concerns contact Physical Plant at 843-953-5550.


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