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Committee Membership

According to the SAC bylaws, which have been approved by the president, SAC will be made up of 15 representatives. There will be eight divisional representatives who will each serve a two-year term. The remainder of the committee will be made up of six at-large representatives who will each serve a two-year term and one temporary employee representative who will serve a one-year term.

Divisional Representatives

There are five campus divisions that will elect divisional representatives for two-year terms. The three largest divisions - Academic Affairs, Business Affairs and Student Affairs - will each have two divisional representatives on SAC. One will be elected in even years and one in odd years. Institutional Advancement will have one divisional representative who will be elected in even years. Marketing and Communications will have one divisional representative who will be elected in odd years. Election Calendar

Divisional Elections

In the 2018 elections, Academic Affairs, Business Affairs, Institutional Advancement, and Student Affairs will vote for one divisional representative. Nominations will be accepted starting in February 12, 2018, and elections will begin March 12, 2018.  Divisional representatives must work in the division they will represent. They will be elected only by members of the staff who work in that particular division. (Here is a list of campus divisions and the departments in each.)

At-Large and Temporary Elections

Elections for the three open at-large representatives and the temporary employee representative for 2018 will start April 2, 2018.  To ensure a diversity of experiences on SAC, at least two of the elected at-large representatives will be from pay bands 1 - 4. Here is a list of state position titles in pay bands 1 - 4.


Full-time, non-instructional staff members, who may also serve as adjunct instructors, and who occupy numbered state lines, may self-nominate for the divisional and/or at-large elections. Full-time temporary staff members may self-nominate for the temporary employee representative. Third-party nominations will not be accepted, so if you feel a coworker deserves to be nominated, please persuade him or her to self-nominate. Employees with titles that use the words "president" or "provost" are not eligible to serve on SAC, but may vote in the divisional and at-large elections.


Nominations for divisional, at-large, and temporary employee elections will begin in February 12th and remain open until February 23, 2018.  

Access online nomination form

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