Staff Advisory Committee to the President

Providing Council on Staff Related Issues

The Staff Advisory Committee to the President (SAC) represents you if you are a non-instructional staff member at the College of Charleston. We are an advisory group to President on issues, policies, and practices that affect the university and those served by the committee.*

We are 21 elected individuals and three ex-officio members, who in turn represent more than 1,100 full- and part-time exempt and non-exempt CofC staff members as outline in the SAC Bylaws (PDF). The Faculty Senate represents our counterparts for the instructional staff (faculty) at the College.

Staff Advisory Committee to the President


The Staff Advisory Committee to the President (SAC) has several purposes, including:

  1. To advise the President about staff opinions concerning all issues and matters at the College that the committee considers of importance to the staff and to the institution.
  2. To receive from the President requests for advice and counsel regarding matters relevant to the staff that may call for action by the President or other members of the administration.
  3. To increase awareness of the contributions made by staff to the College of Charleston and to promote the recognition of outstanding staff.

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The General SAC Committee meets once per month on a varied meeting schedule. SAC Executive Committee and Subcommittees each meet once per month or as needed. Meetings are open to elected members.

Staff Open Forums are announced and held as need and are always open to all staff served by the committee.

Elected Members

The Committee consists of 21 representatives: four at-large representatives, 16 divisional representatives, and one temporary employee representative with representation from each division as outline in the SAC Bylaws (PDF). Staff members self-nominate during the open nomination period. 

View the current Staff Advisory Committee Members.

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Your Voice Matters

SAC was created to give a voice in matters that are important and relevant to our staff. 

We urge staff to contact their representatives and/or submit an online Cougar Cares: Staff Input Form.

SAC Reports & Staff Survey

All subcommittee reports and SAC reports to the President are available by contacting the Ed Pope, Vice President of Human Resources and ex-officio member at

For results from the the recent staff survey conducted by SAC, contact the SAC Communication & Concerns subcommittee.

Recent SAC Accomplishments & Ongoing Initiatives

  • Launching a Temporary to Permanent Employee Conversion Initiative.
  • Sponsoring regular Staff Drop-ins and monthly Cougar Spirit Days. See Staff Morale & Wellness.
  • Allowing staff access to the George Street Fitness Center and establishing a Health & Wellness Speaker Series. See Staff Resources.
  • Publishing an internally focused news feed via CofC Today: Faculty/Staff.
  • Hosting Staff Open Forums to provide SAC an opportunity to learn more about specific, high-impact topics important to staff.
  • Conducting a campuswide CofC Staff Survey and analyzing results for use by SAC to identify and prioritize goals.

*The SAC is not intended to act as a representative for the purposes of negotiating terms and conditions of employment for this class of employees or for negotiating the grievances of individual employees or groups of employees.

SAC Announcements

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